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We've added several new classes out through the most of 2024 giving you plenty of time to plan an awesome shooting trip this year. Register ASAP to reserve your spot.

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More Praise From Our Students

I've never shot my 2012 Anniversary Edition CTR-02 any further than 500 yards in 3-gun competition where the targets were the size of a small school bus. The gun has performed well in these events even though I haven't.

Last week I returned from Blue Steel Ranch as I wanted to experience long-range shooting I've never done. What an experience! Brian Whalen is one of the very best instructors I've ever had. It appears he has an incredible background in shooting sports of all kinds with a heavy knowledge of math, science, and physics. The schoolyard was set up to comply with our new Covid 19 standards with the portable white board and lawn chairs.

While this felt odd, it worked well as Brian acted like nothing was unusual. He lectured most of the first day, giving us background for what was to happen in the next two days with a Jot of instruction in bullets, BCs, wind, atmospheric conditions, pressure, humidity, density altitude, and other elements of conditions that control bullet flight.

When the shooting started Brian and Andy Reinhart were almost one-on-one with each student, helping zero our rifles and conquer that stable prone position. The following days were long and extremely rewarding with some after class instruction using the Kestrel. Of course I returned home with a long list for Santa that will never be filled completely.

Several days ago I had an unexpected phone call from Brian just to ask what questions I might have after the three-day training. We talked for about 30 minutes as if he had nothing better to do--what follow-up!

I'm impressed with the instruction I received and have told my few shooting neighbors about the ranch. I hope to return next year with more than my CTR-02 with a Moleskin cheek piece.

Warmest regards,

Bill T.

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We're now pleased to offer gift certificates for our Precision Rifle Courses at the JP Blue Steel Ranch. These certificates are available in any denomination you prefer or for a full class tuition. Contact us to order.

Praise From Our Students

I won a shooting class at the JP Blue Steel Ranch at the 2016 Resurgence 3-Gun Match. With it, I just attended the Intermediate Precision Rifle course.

Wow! Brian, Dave and the ranch as our classroom: what a great overall experience! Amazing being immersed in long-range shooting with people smarter than I am! I'm happy to be the dumbest guy in the room—happy to be among the people that know and do. I'm not a new gun person but I became a better one this weekend and got some pretty good hits on some tiny lil plates with the JP 6.5 CM barrel in my build.

This was more than just a class. We all went out to dinner Friday night and talked more about shooting, loading, and so. I was immersed in valuable Information that is way above normal gun talk with the masses. All this learning will take a long time to sink all in on my part as I apply many new things and refine some of what I learned in the course. For example, truing data to what the bullet does on target really is a combination of science, swag, and reality. I don't see myself becoming a precision competitor, but I will be able to use this in my 3-gun game.

The fact that John Paul is a shooter and a competitor with a passion shows! The products that you make are proof. Again, Brian and Dave are great! They are real! They know and do. Their knowledge, experience, and demeanor are a great reflection on your brand!

Thank you for all that you do!

Jim M.

Clark Kennedy and JP shooting a canyon rim position in the 2014 Thunder Beast Team Challenge at the BSR


Currently, there are two annual competitions presented at the JP Blue Steel Ranch. In June, the Steel Safari involves a hunting based scenario for the long range shooter, featuring three days of challenging shooting, all in the natural terrain positions. Each day consists of a walking course of approximately one mile and 7-8 shooting positions, each with 6 long range engagements. The second competition is the Team Challenge offered in October which requires a two man team, one shooter using a “carbine” the other a “rifle” and working as a team to solve the natural terrain shooting points. In addition, there would be additional medium range carbine/pistol courses required in the PM of each of three days. Both events are extremely challenging and tremendously satisfying for the serious marksman.

Clark Kennedy and JP shooting a canyon rim position in the 2014 Thunder Beast Team Challenge at the BSR

Other activities soon to be offered at the BSR

LE and military training by reservation, with or without JP supplied instructors.

Guest courses to be put on by “traveling schools” such as CRTC (Crisis Resolution Training Consultants) featuring champion shooter Bennie Cooley.

The BSR can also be retained as a location for in situ video material to showcase products by other manufacturers in the firearms industry. The back drop provides real “eye candy” for a photo or video shoot. Contact us for specifics and to make a reservation at info.bluesteelranch@gmail.com